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Divine Spine at KC Salt Mine

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    Biomat Therapy

    Try The BioMat For Body Aches Relief

    The benefits of NASA-developed infrared healing technologies are combined with the well-known thermal characteristics of amethyst crystals to create The BioMat. There are numerous proven and practical advantages to using infrared radiation safely, including:

    • Stimulating healing
    • Increasing mitochondrial function
    • Improving blood flow
    • Increasing blood and cellular oxygenation

    The Amethyst Crystals

    Amethyst crystals are also a component of The BioMat, which helps it consistently deliver these therapeutic advantages. On the one hand, these crystals increase the efficiency of The BioMat by absorbing and radiating the heat from the infrared rays it emits. On the other hand, the presence of amethyst also benefits from a common therapy utilized by alternative medicine practitioners. The body is known to gain from negative ions by:

    • Reducing stress
    • Improving sleep
    • Lessening the effects of seasonal depression
    • Improving mood

    Amethyst is heated because it is thought to be a reliable source of negative ions in the alternative health community. The BioMat thus combines a widely desired component of alternative health therapy with the best of established infrared technology.

    The BioMat is available in three sizes: the larger travel size, which is nearly three feet long and is used in the Brain Health Clinic, the full length of 6’5″, and as a pillow, which is designed specifically for treatment around the head and neck as well as local treatment in other body parts.

    The BioMat is Approved by the FDA

    The FDA has approved The BioMat for home and clinical use as a temporary cure for the following conditions as a result of the numerous scientific studies demonstrating the beneficial effects of infrared therapy:

    • Reduction in arthritis pain
    • Relief from muscle spasms
    • Relaxation of muscles
    • Increasing local circulation
    • The relief of minor joint and muscle pain or stiffness
    • Alleviation of pain from minor sprains and strains
    • The relief of minor back pain

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