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I never had allergies or sinus problems my entire life…then I hit 65 and whoa!! Sinus congestion, headaches, sinus pain all over the right side of my face. It hurt to breathe, it hurt to talk, it hurt to eat. The diagnosis? A sinus infection. The treatment? Antibiotics. The side effects? Upset stomach and always a yeast infection and another thing to treat. The results? Felt better…for a couple of weeks…and then the process started all over again. Then I heard about the Salt Mine and gave it a try. The results? I am breathing again – without pain, headaches are gone without daily meds. After sitting in a comfortable, relaxing salt room for 45 minutes, not only are my sinuses celebrating, but I am relaxed and feeling great. The side effects? Looking forward to my next visit. I go 3 times a week – and I own my own business and work 60-80 hours a week. This is not only sinus therapy – this is relaxation therapy! I highly recommend giving it a try – you won’t be sorry!!


I have been treating a recurring ear & sinus infection for years. After two weeks of therapy, the sinus pressure is gone and my ears are on the mend. Highly recommend!

Terri N.

Our family has chronic allergies. Our son has eczema that had been flared up and raging for over two months. After our visit, we had him bathe in some of the salts. Surprisingly, his eczema began to heal. After another bath in the salts, his skin returned to normal. For months we had tried various techniques that had worked in the past, but with little to no success. As a test, I had him not use the salts for a while. It’s been about a month and his arm began to have another flare up – so typical in the winter. Another bath in the salts, and BOOM! Gone! I don’t know why or how…but it has helped with the inflammation. We will be trying a month of many sessions in the mine to help his EoE…with lots of hope!

Pam W.

Full disclosure: My sister is the owner of Kansas City Salt Mine. That being said, please allow me to share my experience with salt therapy and the success that I’ve had. I suffer from severe fall allergies. Most years I take a combination of nasal allergy sprays, allergy eye drops, nasal decongestants and anything else that will claim to conquer my allergies. The most intolerable part of my allergies is the congestion, I can’t stand to breathe through my mouth, it’s miserable.
In the fall of 2014, as soon as Kansas City Salt Mine opened I began a weekly salt therapy session. My allergy season was already in full bloom and I was on my standard does of medications. After a couple of weeks I noticed my eyes weren’t bothering me and I stopped my eye drops and noticed I really wasn’t needing them. I then stopped taking the nasal decongestant and was SHOCKED that I was fine without it. I stopped all medication after 3 weeks of salt therapy and didn’t even feel like I was in the midst of allergy season at all. It was fabulous! I’m a true believer and encourage anyone with allergies to give salt therapy a try, you have nothing to lose!

Rebekah H.

I recently completed the recommended 25 sessions for Cystic Fibrosis. I can’t begin to tell you how much this has helped me! After the first session I was coughing and bringing up much more than I typically do. I instantly could feel a difference in my lungs. I could take deeper fuller breaths and my chest didn’t feel tight. I was truly amazed! As the sessions progressed I continued to see these great results. After a while my coughing was normal and still bringing up a lot. Also, my sinuses have been clear without using my Neti Pot. I have more energy and don’t feel run down at the end of the day. I wake up in the mornings feeling well rested. My skin is also very smooth, Bonus. The sessions are very relaxing and peaceful I leave feeling rejuvenated. Sarah is such a kind and caring person. She was knowledgeable and helpful with any questions I had. I would encourage anyone with CF to try it!! I will be a lifelong client of Kansas City Salt Mine!

Ashley W.

My son has not had to use his inhalers at all this allergy season! And his overall allergies are not making him miserable.

Carrie T.

Last year, 2013, my 5 year old son came down with a cold in September and never got better. For 3 months he battled a cold, getting better and worse but never recovering. At the end of November he finally ended up with bronchitis and did 2 rounds of antibiotics and steroids. He also had to start a daily steroid inhaler and albuterol inhaler whenever he would begin to get a cold as he was diagnosed with asthma. We were able to keep him from going into bronchitis again but we were constantly adding the albuterol inhaler and over the counter meds to keep him from getting so sick, he was constantly getting colds and extremely sensitive to mold/ragweed. We got through the winter and spring with him being sick with a cold a lot of the time. By summer he began to get better and he actually went 3 months with out a cold or needing the albuterol. But then school started back up and he was sick again. I was so frustrated because as soon as the weather would change or allergies would kick in my son was sick and I hated giving him all that medication! I came across an article about halotherapy and the benefits for people who have asthma and allergies. I figured it couldn’t hurt to try and see if it helped at all. I found the Kansas City Salt Mine and I am so excited with the results we have had! After one visit my son did not need his albuterol inhaler the rest of the day. After the 3rd visit I went to check on my son before I went to bed and i actually had to go stand next to him to hear him breath, usually I can hear him across the room. We have now done 7 visits and my son has not been on any inhalers or medications of any kind for 2 weeks! With the temperature dropping he should be wheezing, needing his inhaler and on over the counter medications. Kansas City Salt Mine has made a tremendous difference for my son! Sarah is very nice and knowledgeable about halotherapy. She will answer any questions you have and make you feel very comfortable. My son loves to go to the salt mine!

Carrie T.

I suffer from DSAP (disseminated superficial actinic porokeratosis) most of my adult life. I have hundreds of red spots on my arms and legs. I’ve been to the dermatologist and no treatment seemed to help. I used prescription creams. The doctor even tried freezing them. I started coming to the Kansas City salt mine and used the salt bed. In three week the red spot looked 100 percent better. I will continue going to it.

Mary M.

I want to add an update here. I had my four week follow up with my doctors office today. I was given a spirometry test again. My results were great! My lung age went from 84 to 57. Considering that I am actually 52, that is great. My FEV1 went from 50% to 80%. I was given lots of meds steroids and albuterol. The steroids gave me a rash. After doing a weeks worth of treatments with halotherapy, I was feeling well enough to stop the steroids. The rash went away. My Dr was impressed and looking into researching halotherapy! It made a difference!

I have had asthma for some time in my life. Its severity comes and goes. I have rarely had to use my inhaler on a regular basis for a long while. This year things changed, there has been some research stating that our area (the Midwest) is experiencing worsen conditions because of the kind of winter we had. The pollen was extremely high, not only with the flowers but tree pollen hit very high levels. Ragweed is affecting many of us right now. I ended up in the ER in April having to get nebulizer treatments. In June I contracted something and coughed for a solid 3 1/2 weeks. I thought I would go insane. I could not sleep. I was miserable. I ended up seeing an ENT in August with acute sinusitis; he put me on yet another round of antibiotics which lasted 3 weeks. I was better. I work in school clinics and with the early rise in sick students this year; I caught something else, two weeks ago. It affected, my lungs immediately, I could not breathe, each time the sickness felt like an allergy episode, but this time I went to the dr after a couple of days. She did a Spirometry test and the results were scary. It stated that my lung age was 84yrs old and my percentage of lung usage was 52%. She stated that she was going to try to keep me out of the hospital but this was bad. She put me on several medications. I am diabetic so the prednisone wreaks havoc with my blood sugars. I was miserable again! I found out about Kansas City Salt Mine from my mother who told me this is a God send. I began my first week with two sessions; I was not sleeping at night because the rattling in my chest was so loud it kept me awake. I started being able to sleep at night. I just finished my 6th session today. I can breathe deeply and have barely coughed in 3 days. It has made a profound difference in my life. I am sold! I will continue treatments and come back to get them periodically to keep my lungs healthy.

S. Fanning, CNA

I got immediate relief for my sinus. My neck first started to ache, both ears clogged, and then I got the bad sinus headache. Without taking any sinus medication, I went right to the Salt Mine, and after 45 minutes of therapy, all systems were open and my headache was gone. I continued to improve the rest of the day and woke up this morning feeling great without taking my prescription nasal sprays last night before bed. I am going back today for a second session just to reinforce the improvement!


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