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Salt Therapy | Lee’s Summit, MO

Salt therapy has long been established in Russia and Eastern Europe as one of the most effective and affordable ways to gain relief from a wide variety of health challenges. Today, salt therapy (halotherapy) is quickly being discovered by people throughout the world. Kansas City Salt Mine is proud to provide halotherapy to clients throughout Lee’s Summit and the surrounding region.

How Does Salt Therapy Work?

Dry salt is ground into tiny micronized salt particles, and blown into the salt room. In addition, our floors are covered with three inches of Himalayan salt. These tiny, crushed, micronized salt particles enter the respiratory system, including the deepest portion of the lungs and sinuses. Since salt is a natural anti-inflammatory, it helps reduce inflammation of the respiratory system, opens constricted airways, strengthens the immune system and supports the respiratory system by aiding in liquefying mucus/phlegm for better discharge.

Dry Salt Therapy creates a negative ion environment (like the ocean shore), that contributes to balancing our autonomic nervous system, causing us to relax and enter a calmer frame of mind. Furthermore, negative ions also increase flow of oxygen to the brain, purify blood, strengthen our immune system, and promote stress reduction. To support the health benefits, the humidity is controlled and the temperature is kept comfortable for the human body. A custom designed ventilation system keeps the salt room clean and free of allergens and hypo-bacterial, while maintaining a constant salt level.

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Halotherapy | Lee’s Summit, MO
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